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Welcome to the Department of Distance Education

The Distance Education Program (DEP) at the US Army War College allows you to participate in a two-year, rigorous program of instruction that results in the award of the same Graduation Certificate and the same fully-accredited Master of Strategic Studies degree awarded to graduates of our resident program. The DEP is also accredited by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, as a program for joint education, Phase I Senior Level (JPME I). At last, you can receive at any duty station or remote location, the same high-quality instruction delivered here at Carlisle Barracks. The Distance Education Program allows you to work a regular full-time job and still make time for a War College degree. You will need to devote 15 hours each week to a program that is delivered to you via the Internet, one that leverages technology to enhance the educational experience.

The DEP is designed to be provocative, demanding, and rigorous; here, there are at least two sides to every issue and often, there are no school solutions. Is this program for you? Do you want to know more? Click on one of the buttons above to learn more about this unique academic program!

This is a challenging program; you will be in a class of highly intelligent professionals who seek to hone their intellectual skills and professional competency. You will be challenged academically, but there are teams of trained professionals to assist you as you wrestle with many of the complex issues of today's global situation. Your view of many issues may change as you work through the program. Under the Program/Curriculum tab, you will find a brief overview of the program and many of the issues that are a part of our program of instruction.